Bartolini PBF-55-BK

Bartolini PBF-55-BK

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Product Description

Our PBF guitar pickup line offers smooth, vintage humbucker tone with specific pairs tuned for the main genres of music. Bill Bartolini collaborated with Ed Reynolds on the design of PBF pickups. Ed was a builder of excellent guitars and basses and a top notch repairman in the Chicago area in the 70’s and early 80’s. He has continued his work in the Austin, Texas and now focuses exclusively on electric guitars.

The PBF-55 is well suited for both Jazz and Rock.

The Jazz Guitar Pair – the PBF-55 neck and PBF-57 bridge provide the same focused lows of the Vintage Pair, but with a softer, more rounded, warmer, more diffuse attack. The “55” and “57” pair is highly recommended for Jazz and Jazz/Rock applications, or for smoothing out the harshness of some heavier solid bodies.

The Rock’n’Roll pair – the PBF-55 neck and PBF-77D bridge satisfy the need for clarity and smooth sweetness from the neck pickup and power with unequalled smoothness and definition from the bridge pickup.

The tone of the PBF series pickups is simply our distillation of the best features of Vintage Humbucker tone. All PBF series pickups are cast in epoxy to remove unwanted feedback and microphonics.