Pearl 14x5 SensiTone Premium Maple Snare

Pearl 14x5 SensiTone Premium Maple Snare

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The Pearl 14" x 5" SensiTone Premium Maple Snare Drum is versatile, warm, and not too dry, making it really versatile for any style of playing, from jazz to metal. With six plies and a total thickness of 5.4mm, it's got enough mass to handle all the volume you can throw at it.

ARL tube lugs add to the killer visual aspect while also helping keep mass off the shell, further enhancing the resonance of the wood.

These snare drums come equipped with with SR-150 Gladstone-style strainers that feature Click-Lock technology, essentially locking the snare lever and tension adjuster in place wherever you happen to set it. It won't loosen even under the loudest playing.

SuperHoop II hoops make tuning a fairly simple process, and they're surprisingly durable. You'll also get a Remo Coated Ambassador batter head, classic tube-style lugs, and a revamped SensiTone badge for the finishing touch.


  • 6-Ply, 5.4mm Maple Shell
  • Warm and Versatile
  • Gladstone-Style Throw Off
  • Click-Lock Snare Strainer
  • SuperHoop II Hoops
  • Remo Coated Ambassador Batter Head