TAMA 7x13 S.L.P. Series G-Maple Snare Drum

TAMA 7x13 S.L.P. Series G-Maple Snare Drum

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Tama dived into the intricacies and workings of snare drum design, and surfaced with the S.L.P. line of instruments - the Sound Lab Project series. Each drum features a unique combination of shell material, hoops, lugs, snares, and depth to provide the best sound for a particular genre.

This snare drum has an extra-thick 13-ply, 10mm maple shell, brass tube lugs, and die-cast hoops, giving it a piercing high end and more power than you would expect from a typical maple snare. The Tamo Ash outer ply gives the drum an exotic, eye-catching grain. Great for ska, reggae, and similar styles


  • 13-Ply Maple Shell
  • Brass Tube Lugs
  • Die-Cast Hoops
  • Tamo Ash Outer Ply
  • Great for Ska and Reggae