TAMA S.L.P. Backbeat Bubinga Birch Snare Drum

TAMA S.L.P. Backbeat Bubinga Birch Snare Drum

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The snare drum is the keystone of any drummer's sound. At some point in the musical journey, the player will embark on a search for the perfect drum to enhance their sound. With that player in mind, we created the S.L.P. series.

Tama's extensive research and development process led to a varied offering of S.L.P shell materials. Thickness and the specific parts were experimental with, to find each shell material's full sonic potential.


  • Bubinga/Birch Hybrid shell: 3 Bubinga inner ply + 4 Birch outer ply + 1 White Oak outer ply/8mm
  • Incredibly loud and sharp sound with great projection. Perfect for live work
  • Suggested musical styles: Heavy Metal, Hard Rock, Progressive Rock & R&B